CEC Centres & Schools

The CEC creates turn-key international schools by providing a partnership between an overseas partner and a Canadian government Ministry of Education.  The CEC conducts on-site reviews of prospective schools, provides management consulting services through our preferred providers and consults regarding the choice of Provincial Program.

We build and operate K-12 Schools, CEC Learning Centres for English and French, Teacher Training, Vocational Training, Specialty Programs, and Academic Testing, and we provide Post-Secondary Partnership programs (MBA, Engineering, Aviation, Education, and more)

The CEC engages with stakeholders to adopt the CEC program and build quality K-12 schools overseas.  We bring together all the required components and ensure the schools meet the high standards of the Canadian education system.

To find the option that fits your goals, please choose from the following options:

http://www.aei-inc.ca NEW BRUNSWICK (AEI)

Atlantic Education International operates the New Brunswick Provincial International School Program.  AEI offers accreditation of K-12 schools using the New Brunswick curriculum and has a signed MOU with Canadian Education Council to cooperate on all K-12 projects in the region.


CEC President Scott Reid is an approved Offshore Program Consultant for the BC Offshore Program and provides review and applications to the BC Ministry of Education on behalf of the Canadian Education Council for K-12 schools.


The Alberta Accredited International Schools Program operates schools across the globe.  The CEC has an MOU with Alberta that provides protocol for accepting applications from schools in the Gulf, Middle East, and Africa.



The CEC can connect overseas schools with other options for certification and accreditation as a Canadina International School. Options include Nova Scotia, PEI, and Ontario

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